Actress | Humanitarian | Author | Speaker | Producer | World Class Athlete

Nicole is one of the most sought after speakers worldwide.

Nicole is a member of the prestigious “Transformational Leadership Council” and a chosen carrier of the “World Peace Flame.” Known throughout the world as an “Ambassador of Kindness” Nicole holds prestigious positions on World Peace Councils across the globe.

Dame Nicole Brandon was Knighted for her Humanitarian Service and her passion for humanity.

Nicole is a selected carrier of the World Peace Flame. Her Global Outreach and Humanitarian work have launched her on stages and forums around the globe, including the White House, The United Nations, Global Governmental Forums, Constitution Committees and Embassy’s throughout the World.

Hey Nicole, What an amazing interview this morning! It was absolutely incredible and your spirit soars so much in this world. It was a pleasure! Thank you again!


Nicole, You are a gift and a treasure. Thank you for all the kindness and hope you bring to our world. I am inspired and grateful. All the best