Keynote Topics

Reach Your Goals Reach Your Dreams

Nicole’s mastery of the body, mind and consciousness makes this keynote a sure-fire hit for everything from Corporate gatherings to Personal Transformation Extravaganzas. Nicole teaches that the first motion of the human body is to reach. By mastering the reaching process, you can successfully reach for your dreams, goals, finances, love, and every wish, want and desire. Learn How Today!


How To Lose Weight During The Holidays

This popular Keynote has packed houses again and again. Who doesn’t want to learn how to lose weight during the holidays? This informative, fun and fast paced Keynote will leave you armed with the information, ammunition and tools to survive the holidays in style.

Picture Me Perfect

Wake Up and Live! This Keynote is geared for Teachers, Therapists, Principals, Educators, Counselors and Parents. From Anorexia to Bulimia, Gangs to Cutting, learn about kids’ and teens’ body image today. Know the signs, hear the silent cries, see the patterns, and get the tools you need to help these children break free and blossom into happy children who love their bodies, love their lives, and whose dreams lay at their feet ready to be lived.

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