Nicole Brandon

Nicole believes anyone can turn barriers and walls into gates. Her motivational seminars and compelling life story inspire people to take back their lives while guiding them to live the life of their dreams. Her careful threading of each individual to their life purpose instills joy, enthusiasm, focus, energy and overwhelming passion.

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Change your body change your life program

“Change Your Body, Change Your Life”


with Master Nicole Brandon

12-week teleseminar (weekly one-hour long seminar)

Keynote Topics

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Transform Your Body, Transform Your Life

How to Reach for Your Dreams

Nicole’s mastery of the body, mind and consciousness makes this Keynote a sure-fire hit for everything from Corporate gatherings to Personal Transformation Extravaganzas. Nicole teaches that the first motion of the human body is to reach. By mastering the reaching process, you can successfully reach for your dreams, goals, finances, love, and every wish, want and desire. Learn How Today!

How to Lose Weight During the Holidays

This popular Keynote has packed houses again and again. Who doesn’t want to learn how to lose weight during the holidays? This informative, fun and fast paced Keynote will leave you armed with the information, ammunition and tools to survive the holidays in style.

Awakening the Dreamer

This incredibly moving and life-changing Keynote is brought to you in conjunction with the Pachamama Alliance. Pachamama, is an ancient word meaning the Earth, the Sky, the Universe and All of Time. In Partnership with this amazing organization, Nicole teaches the “Awakening the Dreamer Symposium,” a four-hour Workshop that will change your life. The Principals of The Pachamama Alliance – the vision to create an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just human presence on our planet today can be shared in a profound and riveting Keynote presentation.

Picture Me Perfect

Wake Up and Live! This Keynote is geared for Teachers, Therapists, Principals, Educators, Counselors and Parents. From Anorexia to Bulimia, Gangs to Cutting, learn about kids’ and teens’ body image today. Know the signs, hear the silent cries, see the patterns, and get the tools you need to help these children break free and blossom into happy children who love their bodies, love their lives, and whose dreams lay at their feet ready to be lived.

How to Talk to Your Man

Decoding Man Speak. This ever popular Keynote draws packed houses and crowds as women learn how to communicate with their man. This Keynote Includes Hottest Sex Tips, Words that Drive Him Wild, How to Ask for What You Need, Ways you can Share More Together, how to Turn On the Passion, how to Keep Romance Alive, and What Makes for a Lasting Relationship. Whether you’re looking for a commitment, to attract a man, or simply want ways to drive men wild, this Keynote is for you!

How to Win Your Woman

The Language of Love. What is all the emotion about? How do you say the right words, do the right things and how do you understand a woman’s words, head and heart? Learn what turns a woman on, and what women want, need, long for and desire. Learn how to Hit a Home Run every time, how to Make and Keep Your Woman Happy (“Happy Wife=Happy Life”). What are the Right Words to Capture and Captivate a woman? Learn what women want to hear in that first hello. Learn the tools to keep a woman smiling for a lifetime.

Lessons In Sex, Love and Romance

From couples to newlyweds, parents to those just stepping into a commitment and partnership, learn the secrets of Romance and Sexual Success. From languaging to playtime, from respect to unlimited euphoria, find the answers to a happy partnership as we journey into the place where sex, fun, passion and play meet, and where love lives.

Joy vs Happiness – The Power Of Words

What’s Danger to Risk? What’s Success and Happiness to Where You are Now? Let Nicole – a world renowned author and acclaimed wordsmith – share with you the ultimate power and secret to success. Learn how words (the right words) not only saved her life, but propelled her to amazing success. What words will propel you? Join us for this incredibly exciting event that will change your world.

Awakening The Dreamer For Kids and Teens

This is an auditorium version of our environmental journey. Learn where we are today, how we got here and what you can do. Kids learn things like recycling, planting trees, choosing products, sharing toys, and learning to care, to give, and to find causes. Each child will awaken to their own individual role on the planet. This fun-filled presentation is packed with Powerpoints, cartoons, graphics, games, and music. By the end of this keynote, kids are literally jumping out of their seats and ready to make a difference not only in their own lives but the world in which we live.

Return to Life

This heartwarming Keynote is geared towards Stroke, Heart Attack, Parkinson’s, Arthritis and Accident Victims. Nicole uses her unique journey to wellness to teach how to recalibrate your body and take it back to its natural state of joy. Topics include rejuvenation, regeneration, starting again, getting back to happiness, freedom, and pain free living. If you’ve been trapped in your body, trapped in your head, and trapped by your pain, then this event is for you!

The Best of the Best

What exercises and foods are best for you? This distinct dream event makes each person feel as if they were the only one in the room. Unravel the mystery, learn your patterns and where have you gotten stuck or hit a wall. Has your body not responded and done what you asked it to do? This Keynote is for you. Includes sculpting your perfect figure, how to have more energy and stamina, and foods that make you shine. You’ll be amazed at what you find out about you and your body. Be the best you can be and have the body you always wanted.

Picture Me Perfect for Kids and Teens

So many children suffer from feeling and being alone. Anorexia, bulimia, gangs, cutting and kids’ body and personal image starts from somewhere inside. Whether they’re being abused, neglected, or fell in with the wrong crowd, kids can succumb to a variety of circumstances that they may feel are beyond their control. Where do these kids go to escape peer pressure, break free, feel good about themselves and see another way out? Who tells them that they are pretty, worthwhile, smart and loved children? This groundbreaking event opens hearts, minds and spirits and spring boards these kids to honesty, happiness and feeling good success.

What Is a Miracle?

From birth Nicole always knew she had a body and mind unlimited in power and potential. Come hear the story of how she defied the medical community and broke free of human conceptions of power and will. Follow her journey into the jungles and atop the highest mountain peaks as she searched for the answers and learned what a miracle is, and how it can happen to you.