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Nicole holds numerous certifications ranging from Nutrition and Reiki to Master Fitness and Rehab. She is an expert on such specialty topics as Arthritis, Heart Attack, Stoke Recovery, Endurance, Sports Rehab, Shoulder Care, Joint Efforts, Power Pilates, Arthritis, Stretch, Paramedic Training, Knee Care, Athletic Performance, Preventive Fitness, High End Performance, and Spine, Back and Regenerative Repair.

Nicole turns every barrier and wall into a gate, and helps give people their lives back while guiding them to live the life of their dreams.

Specialties Include:

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✔  Pre Natal

✔  Post Natal

✔  Arthritis

✔  Aqua Arthritis

✔  Weight Loss

✔  Spinal Evaluation & Correction

✔  Fletcher Towel Work

✔  Poolates

✔  Injury Prevention

✔  Sport Rehabilitation

✔  Endurance & Stamina

✔  Balance & Focus

✔  Kids Fitness

✔  Children & Teen Body Image

✔  Environment



Sandra Biskind and Ready to Look Younger Host, Nicole Brandon share this anti-aging tip using what you have in your kitchen.

Manage pain and inflammation by combining olive oil and turmeric (the magical anti-inflammatory food) but don’t forget the secret to this wonder food is to activate turmeric’s benefits by adding black pepper!

Change Your Body, Change Your Life

with Master Instructor Nicole Brandon
12 week Teleseminar (weekly one hour long seminar)

Topics include:

  • Transform Your Body, Transform Your Life
  • Reach for Your Dreams
  • Re-create Your DNA
  • The Sculptor- Reshape Your Body
  • The Inventor- Create a New Paradigm
  • How to Walk Thru Walls
  • Holodynamics- Tools for a Better Life
  • The Doll Exercise
  • Image Coming To Life
  • You Have a Gift
  • The Challenge of the Heart
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • The Future You

In the News

Nicole Brandon, CEO of Artistry in Motion, Receives “International Actress of the Year Award” by the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame


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