Nicole Brandon is a 21st century Renaissance woman. Her creativity shines in so many fields, including leadership, speaking, acting, writing, producing, athletics, and she is a healer extraordinaire. Not only does she walk through walls, she dissolves them!
Sandra Biskind

Nicole is one of the most remarkable women in the world. Nicole has accomplishments and experiences beyond what most human beings can imagine or comprehend. In addition to being a talented actress and gifted healer, she is a dear friend, mentor, and innovator. 

Paul R. Scheele, Ph.D.


You are a gift and a treasure.  Thank you for all the kindness and hope you
bring to our world.  I am inspired and grateful.

All the best

Amanda Rain

Hey Nicole,

What an amazing interview this morning! It was absolutely incredible and your spirit soars so much in this world. It was a pleasure! 

Thank you again!

Suzanne Strisower

Nicole U R AWESOME!!!!

Your Heart is EVEN Bigger than your pile of certifications!!!

Rose Pugliese

Hello Nicole,

I am Edoardo, an ordinary Businessman from Italy. Please do not think that I am the usual “Pappagallo”, because I am not. I am unique, same as you and these words come from my heart. I have heard of you before, but never ever, would I have thought of meeting you one day. I was struck by the intense look in your beautiful eyes that managed to cut through my soul. This look does not betray your remarkable focus and doubtless years of committed and passionate hard work. Congratulations! Again, the elegance
of your gestures makes even the trickiest of exercises look easy and effortless to accomplish. Your perfect body gently sways in a perennial dance. Your beautiful shiny hair matches the twinkle of your smile. Thank you for brightening this gorgeous new day! Wow! If I could I would ask the Universe to Marry You!


Thank YOU, again for your magnificent work.

Dr. Ali Tahiri

I just wanted to tell you that you’re beautiful and that you’re smart and that you’re sexy and that you’re talented and that you’re incredible. That’s what I wanted to tell you today.

Jeff Meachum

Nicole and Gray. Nicole is an amazing pilates guru who was phenomenal in rehabilitating Gray after three tough back to back surgeries in 2007. It is unbelievable to see how far our boy has come.


Congratulations and welcome to the prestigious Order of Knights Hospitalier of St. John and your next level of embodiment of service to humanity. I look forward to seeing you very soon. 

Infinite waves of Aloha, Massive Miraculous Blessings and All the Best

Dr. Sandra Rose Michael

You are special Nicole.

Ewart Chin

I was very stressed out before my wedding. There was so much to plan and so many details to take care of. Most importantly, though, I wanted to look good and feel good for my wedding. Not only did Nicole help me de-stress, but she helped me tone my body and feel beautiful 🙂 

Angela Goethals-Soder

Hello Nicole,

It was just fabulous to meet you.  I had heard so much about you, so to meet in person was very special. I think it is so inspirational that you are doing this – the world’s best gurus of our time coming together. Brilliant.

Best Wishes

Mynoo Blackbyrn

The Beautiful Nicole from another star
Came down to Mother Earth, from far, far, far, far 

A spirit walking humbly here, in very human shoes
Easy to forget and be alone and so confused

An actress and a dancer, a champion of the Human Soul,
The Gods applaud her actions, as her story still unfolds

She had many great adventures, some spills, some ups. Some downs.
She made it through the darkest night, as we see her now

She teaches us to brave heart. She shows us how to fly.
This sweet celestial Majesty with shining emerald eyes.

Reminding us that we, too, are jewels, royal as can be.
And all we need to do is remember…..and to be free.

Love is the best answer….kindness her favorite prayer.
Humor, grace, huge courage, her Excalibur to share!

The beautiful Nicole from another star
STEPS IN ALL of who she is, as she blesses who WE are

Gene, Toni and All Souls of Acting For Life

Hey Nicole,

It was such a pleasure to meet you at WIN last weekend. I was really inspired by your story and presentation. Thanks again for your work!


Candice Cross

Hi Nicole, I wanted to take this time to thank you so much for inspiring transformation through love and spreading your beautiful love all over the planet.

Janet Atwood

We stand here today, honoring you, Dame Nicole Brandon, our friend and fellow student of life. May your life be filled with the sweetness of love and kindness ….as you fill the lives of others with your gentle being and spark of love and light. We hereby knight you, again, Dame Nicole, from your Royal Acting for Life Mastery Class.

We love you!!!!!

Royal Acting for Life Mastery Class

Great to meet you on Sunday night. Thanks for sharing your journey with me. You’ve probably been told, as a result of your deep harmony between spirituality and physicality, that you have a truly other-worldly energy. Thanks for letting it shine.

Brennan Smith